As part of our planning, we have decided on a rough schedule for the next months or so to keep us on track and so we have something to aim towards. Since I don’t understand the coding side, the limitations are mainly based on Nick’s amount of free time but in spite of doing a PhD at the same time he is confident he can have the following basic version of the game done before we both go home for Christmas…

Basic working version:

  • 2 Players
  • 1 Enemy
  • 1 Stage 2D movement only (characters move in a plane)
  • Swords and bows for players
  • Swords only for enemies

Once we are happy that the basic game is as fun to play as we think it will be we’ll start working on the final version, which will feature the following, to be ready by July when I leave Leeds after graduation…

Final version:

  • Multiple different players
  • 10 Variations of enemy
  • 10 Stages Multiple NPCs (villagers)
  • Purchasable towers for extra defence
  • 3D movement Swords, bows, axes and other weapons for players and enemies
  • Music and sound effects
  • Level Editor
  • Menu Screens

Wish us luck…