Get up, pick up your voxels and walk.

The walk cycle of each character in the game is animated using 3 frames:
  • standing frame: the character is his default position, not moving
  • walking right frame: the character walks, his right foot is forward
  • walking left frame: the character walks, his left foot is forward
Video showing how it looks like after the break.

The walking frames are displayed every 0.2 seconds in a loop (standing-walking_right-standing-waking_left), giving the illusion that the players is walking. More frames could be used to achieve a smoother movement, but I believe 3 frames are enough and go well with the "blocky" feeling of the character.

We could also allow actual rotations of the arms, leg and head, but I haven't decided on that yet, as it would break the overall "blocky feeling".

Anyway, here's how the Viking character looks like when he's animated in the editor.
(Don't forget to activate HD 720p for better quality.)

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