New year update

I haven't shown anything in a while, and those of you who follow this blog from the beginning (in other words: no one!) must think we are behind schedule. That's true, but I haven't presented all the things I've made on the blog either. That's why this first post of the year 2013 shows a lot of new things.

First in term of environment, we are now able to create levels with objects in them (such as grass, trees, buildings, ...) and to walk around the world if our character.

This is showcased by the following video:

In this video, the floor is made of a repeated texture, and flowers and trees are voxels objects that are dispatched  randomly by the game, with variations in orientations and sizes, to have more variety.

Note how the character can move freely in the world, its movements are not restricted to the world axis like in some other voxel-based games.

Also note that the voxels in the world don't have a constant size, some like those that make the character and the flowers are small, but some like those that make the trees and the tent at the end of the video are bigger. This way,we can have big objects in the game and they don't have to be made out of billion of cubes.

The second video shows how character's collisions and voxel explosions will work in the game.

At the minute, players' characters can throw square bullets to wound and kill enemies, and if a player's character gets too close to an enemy, the player gets hit. This will later be replaced by some attack animations with the possibility for the player to use both short-range weapons (sword, axe, ...) and long-range weapons (bow, spear, ...).

When a character dies, all the voxels that make its body break up into small cubes that fall on the ground. These cubes are physically simulated, and the player can push them away as he walks through them. After a while, the cubes disappear into the ground to relieve the CPU from doing too many computations.

The video also shows how the destruction of the castle will look like. For the demonstration, the players destroys the tent by walking through it, but in the future, the enemies will attack the castle and will be able to destroy a part after a few hits.

The castle is also physically simulated, and some parts can fall on their own if they are not stable.

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