Version 0 on the way

Wow! Almost two months since the last post!

Time really does fly, as they say, and I didn't noticed it. The worst thing is that I haven't been lazy or anything, I worked on the game almost every week, but I just didn't took the time to write about it.

Well, I've decided that from now on, I'll write a post every week, probably every Sunday, even if it's just to talk about simple updates.

Of course, I'm mainly doing this for me, it's not like if anyone was actually reading this blog! But writing helps taking some distance from it all.

So, what have I done over a last two months? (video after the break!)

Quite a few things actually, apart from some work on a new editor using the Qt library (I will have to write a post about that in the future), the game has evolved a lot more toward a real video game, and you can already have fun playing it.

Here's a video showing the current state of the game:


To sum up what you can see in the video:

  • A 3D menu screen that can be rotated slightly with the mouse,
  • 3D texts, using a voxel font I designed,
  • Aa redesigned 2D player interface, using hearts for life and cubes for ammunition,
  • The skeletons now walk toward the tent and then explode when they reach it,
  • Alternatively, if the player attacks a skeleton or gets close to one, the skeleton attacks the player with a spinning attack,
  • When an enemy die it leaves either a heart, some ammunitions or some building blocks to repair the castle,
  • The enemies arrive in waves, each new wave containing more enemies,
  • When a player dies, the other player can revive him by holding the revive key, the players voxels rise from the ground and slowly reform the body,
  • If the two players die or if the castle gets destroyed, it's game over.

A few more things can be seen in the video, but I'll talk about them another time.

This is all looking good, but it's far from over, now we want different types of enemies with different styles, more attack moves, and sounds!

Actually, we already started working on some sounds, and I'm playing them in the game using the very good sfml library. Maybe that will be the subject of the next post...

Anyway, see you next week!


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